Understanding RNG and How to Ensure its Fairness

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How trusted are RNGs (Random Number Generators) at online slots sites? This is a good question but it should not stir any doubt. It is prudent to understand the process first and how it ensures fairness before you indulge in online slots.

RNG is a computer program that is designed to spit out results at random. You must know that there are different types of RNGs. RNGs are unique because they do not need any external input to produce an output – they just need an algorithm and seed number.

How casinos use RNG?
You must know that new seed numbers are generated every millisecond. This is done by taking the last number then uses a mathematic operation to produce a new “random” outcome. Many people expressed concerns because RNGs are hackable – if someone knows what algorithm and seed number the casino used. The algorithm and seed numbers will be extremely difficult to extract.

RNGs are utilised by virtual games where there is no dealer. In the case of slots, RNG will assign a value to each symbol on a reel. For instance, there are 12 symbols per reel and it is a 5-reel slot machine. The RNG must come up with a value of 1-12 for each of the 5 reels. The outcome would be 5 different symbols. Of 5 “random” symbols, it will make a winning combination and you will be paid according to the chart.

What is RTP and how it relates to RNG?
You already know that RNG decides the outcome of all spins in slot machines. RTP (Return to Player) on the other hand, determines how much you get back over time. You can consider RTP – See Full RTPS of Online Slots Here.

When you play with real money online, you just want to ensure that your money is safe and you want fair play. Here is when licensing agencies step in. When the casino is licensed, you will know that all the slots are legit and the promised RTP is guaranteed.

How to ensure the fairness of RNG?
Essentially, the RNG software of reputable casinos is tested. Independent 3rd party companies usually conduct testing to ensure the fairness of RNG. The companies offer different kinds of services and testing evaluations from RNG to poker system, live dealer, sportsbook, mathematics evaluations and many more.

In the UK, there is an introduction of the new Gambling Act. To ensure that it is a reputable casino, the UK Gambling Commission should issue the license. When you see the license, you will know that the casino adhered to strict standards like ensuring the fairness and randomness of RNG software when it comes to payouts.

In a nutshell, RNGs are complex programs that ensure online slots are as random as they can be. RNGs remain unpredictable as long as they are tested by third-party companies or evaluated by the right entities. You just need to remember that you cannot manipulate the outcome of RNG but you can consider some strategies to increase your chances of winning.