Tips or Winning at Video Poker

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Unfortunately, the majority of video poker slot machines that you will find in the most important casinos are not managed in the same way as in your friendly neighbor’s game or even in a tournament. If you want to win, you need to take what you learned while playing real games and filter it through some components.

Tips into consideration when trying to impress yourself with modern technology and your growing poker skills.

Know your hands: the only thing you need to remember absolutely is a winning hand. Not all hands give you a winning bet when it comes to video games. Unfortunately, you will lose a lot if you do not remember which combination of cards gives you money. To make it easier, drop the concept of a high card. You will not win anything with a high card. He will win only when he has pairs, triples, fours, fours, blush, street, and that’s it. A normal machine will not force you to play against the computer, but will try to create a complex type of guessing game. Keep this in mind as you go.

Poker online strategy

Do not chase blush: the second tip is to find many happy people when they are faced with what may seem like an opportunity to blush. One of the recurring crimes that the average player throws in video pokerq is the ability to get color. You will need to pay attention to how many bets you made, how many hands you played and whether you saw several cards of the same deck. The pursuit of color may seem funny, and when you have 3 out of 5, you can take 2 more cards, but in most cases the computer will catch them and make you lose. Do not chase colors if you do not have a good idea of ​​all the cards played. Counting helps here, but it is not recommended on a large scale.

Something wild: if you play on a machine that allows you to enter wild or wild jokers, use most of these sets. If you have a hand with five cards, and one of them consists of a joker, take 3 cards and play a bit with chances to win three of its kind. At a minimum, you will have a pair and you will win a safe bet.


Above are just 3 quick tips to help you move forward to discover sophisticated machines that many consider simple. Video poker is not the same as playing face-to-face with another person, it is more like a “good luck in the draw” component, but that does not mean that you won’t win. It takes time to resolve the machines.